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Colored Blazers!!

These are super hot right now, so you better go get yourself one or more lol

Check out how you can play arond with these yummy colored blazers, celebs and other people are already wearing the trend and making it look desirable. Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys & Beyonce being the biggest fans of these hoties!!

 Whats cool is that you can pair these with almost anything and they go well with color blocking too.
So get to the shops and start collectiong.

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Wow what an amazing show!! We loved who they awarded expecially the Mr.Hottie of the year...!! Ian Somerhalder!! ;) Vampire Dairies got 6 NOMINATIONS!! thats great and Taylor swift 4 norms, Rihanna 3 and Justin Bieber right behind them with two..!! But.. I have too say the best part about any award show is the FASHION! :))

Selena Gomez showed up in a dsquard2 pink dress..... so cute! Which she paired up with sexy Heth leger heels.

Demi Lovato dressed in fanguni and shane a rather daring peacock mini dress... Let us know what you think of this one.

Next Taylor swift who looked amazing! as always... in Marcia Hohan, we love how this dress has open sides and the length of it!

Kat Graham rocked a eye catching number of Mara Hoffman with a open back.. LOVVVVING this!! This is such a unique dress to wear to such a event but it looked great and stood out on the pink carpet.

Ian... Looking HOT as always in grey.. We are so stoked that this guy won hottie of the year! he totally deserves it....

Kylie Jenner following in the footsteps of her sisters and looking amazing in a cut out mini dress.
Nina Dobrev dressed in a J. Mendel dress and Jimmy Choo shoes... looks fab!
Loving Rachel from glee dressed in a light pink mini dress and paired it up with grey jimmy choo shoes! how cute is this?

As you can see everyone dressed and looked great this year, if we had to choose a fave...
It would have been Taylor Swift in
Marcia Hohan!

Let us know who you think rocked it best.


Orange Flair

Orange Flair

CÉLINE mini bag

Miso spike earrings
$7.84 - republic.co.uk

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We have selected our 3 fave designers that start with an "A", now YOU have to help us choose the best one out of these three: (which is sooo hard!)


Alexander burst into the fashion stage in 1992. His main focus is to shock.. and delight.. his audience with raw presentations often depicting bleak history and politics! He is famous for the unique expression of aggressive tailoring and lyrical romanticism in his designs. We love him for the way he stands out above the rest, he is unique and surprised us every time!
Below is some of his work:


She is an international fashion designer and started her career from a very early stage. She is someone who sets trends and inspires designers from all over the world. She is famous for culling from bottomless treasure chest of retro references. Her shows are run-way-come-rock and she never fails to miss the trends of the seasons. We love her for the way she brings being edgy back! She is so talented and brings culture into her designs, making women all over the world look sexy, feminine and edgy which we LOVE!

Below is some of her work:


She is a Belgian designer who views fashion as nothing less than a way to communicate the inner workings of mind. Her clothes convey a slouchy confidence and a version of femininity that evokes a sexy yet intellectual cool look. We love her because she is universal and the way she evokes working women to be sexy and yet sophisticated! Which every single working gal out there should be!  
Below is some of her work:

Now Fashionistas.. Don’t be quiet! And let’s hear from you.. Who’s your fav and why!!?
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Can't wait to hear from you ;)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Today's LOOK!!

As much as Vee and I don't like taking pictures of ourselves because we think we are not so photogenic (lord knows if we had moola we'd have our own models lol), today Vee took a bold step and allowed me take pictures of her. Bare in mind that it is still Winter in South Africa so we really cannot wait for Summer jezzz one can only handle so much cold brrrrrr.

So here goes, let us know what yall think of Vees look :-)

Hat- Joburg CBD
 Knitwear Cowl Neck Crop Top- Edgars
Maxi Skirt with Belt- Mr Price
Earings- Mr Price
Crepe Boots- Mr Price
Bag- Forschini

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

NeOn NaiL ArT

Are you a fan of neon colors!?!

Recently we have fallen in love with neon colors, be it clothes, nails jewelary we love it all.
So here is some nail fun art revolving around neon colors :-)

This nail Art is Dees favorite, she love loves it :-)

As for Vee shes a die hard for polka dots, the dots look so cool, which is your favorite!?!

Do you think Neon colors (nails) look good on a darker skin tone, if so which color works better on this pic?

Let us know what you think....
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Ladies love some Christian Louboutin in their closet!!

Christian is a French footwear designer born in Paris. He lives and breathes for the love of shoes and helped bring back Stilettos back into fashion in the 1990’s and 2000’s. His overall goal of life is to: “Make a woman look and feel sexy, beautiful and to make her legs look as long as it can!”
We have a total overall LOVE for this guy and love every single detail he puts on his shoes. His trademark is he Red shoe sole on every single shoe he does and it became inextricably linked with Louboutin’s name. The red sole started when Louboutin was sitting in his office one day and started colouring in the shoe’s sole with a bright red nail polish and Loved it. And since then woman around the world such as Victoria Becham, Daniel Steel and Jennifer Lopez are being spotted wearing these to die for heels
Fall in Love like we did with these heels:

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