Meeting the girls behind the posts:
We wanted to share a lil bit of ourselves with you so here it goes:
Vee and myself are two ladies who just live, love and breathe every part of being fashionable, we indulge ourselves in different blogs, sites, magazine’s and all things that has to do with the fashion industry…  If fashion was a crime we would definitely have to plead guilty!! ;)
We are both currently working at a Fashion Merchandising company and love every moment of working with clothes and sitting in the front seat watching the newest styles develop…
To us this blog is like a dream come true, just to have a place where we can share our views of fashion with other people who has the same passions like we have.
Veritas (aka VEE):
As a young girl I always loved to dress up, obviously like every other girl would however the difference about me was I’d take bold chances and wear items that most people will not dare to wear at the same time make it look fabulous, people would stare at school and college some would even ask me where I brought my clothes from, I would take clothes that people think should not matched together and do it with a bang, and everywhere I pass eyes will follow me, I  loved that attention I even entered beauty contests just so I can dress up and stand in front of people. I loved expressing myself in dressing up, my passion for fashion grew as time goes and I enrolled for a study with Intech College while currently working at a clothing company as an assistant garment merchandiser. Every day I would sit and wonder what else can I do that can get me to share my passion with the world, until an idea of a blog came and walla StyleVitale was born.
Denitha (aka Dee):

 “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.  This Coco Chanel quote encompasses my personal view of fashion. I see fashion in all parts of life and everywhere I go.  Fashion to me is not just a piece of clothing, its waking up in the morning and dressing up to impress and dressing to show people who you are without even saying a word, fashion to me is one of the most amazing forms of art. Since I’ve been a little girl I remember seeing fab ladies dressing up and walking in sky high heels and only dreaming of the day I will be able to fit into it. I loved to dress up and try new things and new styles, I also loved to design! Since I’ve been young I knew I wanted to pursue a career in fashion so after school I applied for a job as a fashion merchandiser and I got it!! I am currently busy studying Fashion Retail Management part time at Unisa and enjoying every second of it! I have always loved to share my view of fashion and that’s why I loved the idea of starting our own blog!!!  J

VeeDee :-)

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