Monday, 30 April 2012

Sunday, 29 April 2012


So this weekend StyleVitale went out to see what’s hot and happening in the streets of Johannesburg!  And wow! Did we find some inspirational, fashionable and on-trend fashion addicts!!  And it was so exciting to see all the new winter styles portrayed on the windows of malls!

We are so happy to see how colorfull this winter is going to be, this winter is one to dress up in stylish outfits looking hot yet feeling warm at the same time!

And now for some of those stylish fashion fabs:

Nosipho Kheswa

Dont you just love the way she wears the leopard prints with the  bright red pencil skirt! This lady is hot and rocking every part of being stylish!

Bongiwe Phungwayo
Prints prints prints! Looks like this winter is going to be full of virbrant prints, here shes  wearing a slouchy tee with grey printed pants, a beenie and signing it off with a gorgeous handbag!

Khotso Thabo

Looking hot! Wow, dont you just love how the military green, brown and black fit so well together!

Danielle Grotewold

Nerdy glasses, printed scarf, brown boots and the rest all black!!! Shopping at Jay Jay's and looking fab!
Dean Steyn

We love this style, brown shoes with matching brown bag and belt..!  We love how this guy wears his bag and totally rocks the whole look!

Nonhlahla Ntshele

Big, Printed and Fab!  We literally stopped and stared! This bow is definitely a must have for this season, looks like this look completes any outfit hey.

L.O.V.E these boots!!!!!!!!

                                          *Credit: StyleVitale*

Friday, 27 April 2012

Experiencing Amber Jones!!

Amber is a fashion addict like most of us...! :-) And she indulges in the newest fashion magazines, news, photography and everything new in the excitement of the fashion industry.

Shes sees fashion as power that changes the way you feel about yourself or a morden day type of armor and on some days a flamboyant outward expression of your personality.

She started her career off with styuding Fashion Design at Linea Academy to try and learn how to harness that power of clothes.
In the past Amber has been the junior designer at Cameli Clothing, and a fashion director at Wisdom Youth. She is now currently the Trend forecaster at Mr Price Clothing and has her own range called "The best is Yet to Come"....!

The name of her range comes from the Frank Sinatra's song title! :-)

And obviously she lives up to that title her ranges are so exciting, vibrant and colorful and NEW!

The above Range she describes to be "a rather-odd-in-a-good-way schoorlgirl who often wears her dad's clothes from the seventies...", We just love this! Wow!

Amber is a young, inspired, exciting and we love every single range we see of her. We will definately be seeing more and more of her in the world of fashion!****

                                                          *Style Vitale does not take any credit for the photos used*

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Blue jeans will never go out of style whether it’s straight leg, boot cut, flared or skinny.. Denim is here to stay! But this winter season it’s time for you to update your wardrobe with coloured denim!
Look at how many different shades there are too choose from, and there’s more!

Even celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian are rocking out in bights:

Love color this winter…….
*Style Vitale does not take credit for the pictures*

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Rihanna at THE TIME 100 Gala celebrating TIME’s 100 Most Influential People In The World, she looks dashing in this fab Pink dress and black pumps, yummmmm!!


Your girl *B* aka *Queen B* (Bonang Matheba) Hit the cover of VOILA MAGAZINE
I know it’s very late to be blogging about this however we got the chance to experience  SA Fashion week 2012 and I have to say what an experience.
Included in the goodie bag was VIOLA MAGAZINE where we saw our girl B* looking very stunning as usual. We love all these photos of her this girl is a role model to many and she always looks stunning.
The pieces that were used for this shoot, AMEN is all we can say colorful, bold and just flawless, loving it big
Gotta have that David Tlale Scarf…..

This is my favorite I want everything she’s wearing.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


So we all have those waist belts that are just too long even after we tried almost everything we can think of to make them shorter and the last option your thinking of is cutting the tip of the belt,  “WAIT” don’t even think about it, we have the coolest way to help you wear your belts in a stylish way.

How simple and cool is this!!

For the thick buckle waist belts use a Mini-Elastic Hair Bend from your hair accessories box, and unbuckle the belt and slip the elastic over the buckle end of the belt, move it to one side.  Then thread the belt through the buckle and fastened it.  From there, simply take the excess piece of belt strap and slip it under the clear band.  Walla!!   The extra belt strap is now held close to your waist, and the clear band holding it is barely visible!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012


The 2011 the winter obsession print was African prints but this year the fashion world is going with a huge variety of different colors and shapes of Aztec prints.
Aztec Culture originated in the four corner areas of present day Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. These prints are rich in variety. The Aztec women wore amazing prints in form of loose fitting dresses. Women would weave the fibers into clothing. The Aztecs were able to make use of a beautiful array of dyes, creating the brilliant colors still seen in Mexico today.

Now this print is the in thing this winter ranging from jerseys, cardigan, leggings, scarves and much much more! The best part is it’s for both women and men, there’s lots of different cool ways of rocking these prints!….. And we thought why not share it with you, ideas for the office, college or weekends:
You can rock the streets looking hot with these Aztec Leggings paired up with a pair of boots and a black cardigan there’s a variety colors of these depending on your choice of color of course: 

Look at these long boyfriend cadies aren’t they awesome and the totally look so very warm, you can rock these with plain leggings, skinny jeans and whatever suit you:

For the LOVE of skirt, these are my favourite by far, this skirt paired with tights will look magical.

We love this Aztec knitwear crop, looks so hot with those colored skinnies.

For those cold days,  the below is exactly what you will need to stay warm and look fab….
Or be daring and try these hot Aztec boots and throw in a scarf as well grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Guys if you want to impress that lady don’t be afraid to play around with prints!  Aztec prints are the hot thing for men as well this winter and we collected some items you will love!
Don’t you just love these hats below?  We fell in love with them the moment we saw it and would love to see more men out there wear these. 

Or fall in love like we did with these hot shoes!!
How cute is Ashton Kutcher below, photo captured in Berlin, he’s rocking the granny aztec sweater with brown binnie and I must say he looks great!!! However I have to say im loving his friend’s look on the left, so colorful and bold for winter, it rocks!!

Wow and we just love the guy’s styles below! They are totally working Aztec! Young, hip and happening, you have to love this…….

See the street style in below photo, how amazing does an Aztec sweater go with white jeans? The contrast between the Aztec colors and white jeans work great together!

You have to be a tough one to pull this look off with a see through shirt, awuuuuuuuu!!
*StyleVitale does not take any credit for the photos used*

Get a variety of Aztec prints from your nearest Mr Price, Woolworth stores as well as Hang ten stores nationwide.