Friday, 27 April 2012

Experiencing Amber Jones!!

Amber is a fashion addict like most of us...! :-) And she indulges in the newest fashion magazines, news, photography and everything new in the excitement of the fashion industry.

Shes sees fashion as power that changes the way you feel about yourself or a morden day type of armor and on some days a flamboyant outward expression of your personality.

She started her career off with styuding Fashion Design at Linea Academy to try and learn how to harness that power of clothes.
In the past Amber has been the junior designer at Cameli Clothing, and a fashion director at Wisdom Youth. She is now currently the Trend forecaster at Mr Price Clothing and has her own range called "The best is Yet to Come"....!

The name of her range comes from the Frank Sinatra's song title! :-)

And obviously she lives up to that title her ranges are so exciting, vibrant and colorful and NEW!

The above Range she describes to be "a rather-odd-in-a-good-way schoorlgirl who often wears her dad's clothes from the seventies...", We just love this! Wow!

Amber is a young, inspired, exciting and we love every single range we see of her. We will definately be seeing more and more of her in the world of fashion!****

                                                          *Style Vitale does not take any credit for the photos used*

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