Thursday, 17 May 2012


We all love to dress up when going to work, however its not always easy to just put together an outfit that will look hot and professional.  Then  at the same time you don’t want to stick to wearing the same things over and over again, so here are a few tips on how you can play around with your formal wear this winter:
***Black Pants (a must have for the winter)
These are awesome because you can wear them with anything and your outfit will still look fab,
Pair them with a nice shirt, short sleeve or long sleeve and a liltle detailed belt and heels to make it look bold! Because as we all know black and white will never be out of fashion.

***Winter knit dresses
How hot are these, personally  we are suckers for dresses, whether summer/spring or winter give us a dress and we’ll  work it for you.
Pair the dresses  with stockings, warm legging, high open heels, nice long boots or even crepe boots! And a buckle waist belt will be a show stopper….. almost anything goes with these dresses. Love them!!!!

***The thing you should go for this winter is Color!
We love this blue theme for the below outfit especially the cute blue bag...

**Go fot Stripes like the below stripe dress and wear it with tight fit jeans and those cute ankle booties and you’ll be knocked into the looking fab and profesional look!

**Winter coats, look hot and feel warm!

** And then the Pencil Skirt…….O my but the below skirt is Hot!! Love it! This is something every working lady NEEDS!

And then some of Ellie Saabs Winter/Fall 2012-2013 items.. These are sooooo fab, creative and hot!

Now ladies im sure you can't wait to dress for success..!!! ;)

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  1. omg omg the knitwear dresses area must have. TOTALLY!