Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Its crazy cold in South Afrca now as we are in our WINTER SEASON.
So its time to get those boots to do what they were made for, WaLkInG.....
There are 5 types of boots ladies should at least own.
We have collected our all time favourite boots for those really cold days.
From CREPES to UGGS you name it we love it all......

The PARTY ROCK: so we call it…. lol this outdoor/ indoor party boot, we love this because it is funky outgoing as it already looks and a must have.


The CLASSY COWBOY: How classy and beautiful are these boots, easy to rock in casual or formal wear.


The HIGH KNEE: And then there was the high knee boot, everyone is going crazy about these because they keep you warm all the way to the top, so why not get some lol (personally not a fan, reminds me of strip clubs lol)

The HUNTER: Personally we are madly in love with the hunter boots, they are too fab a definitely must have.

The WEDGE: It’s that obvious wedge boot are totally the in thing so why not stay in the loop and keep with the trend.

The UGG BOOT: What will you be without a pair of these huh, for those lazy days at the mall or in the house feeling warm and cozy!

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